Who is taking care of my 2 boys!

have you seen our mom?
have you seen our mom?

I took a nap today. Sleep rock hard, I was so beyond exhausted from continuous not enough sleep.

I dreamed I had 2 sons. One was my ex’s son but much younger and not sure the other, I think it was Juma, ages around 12 and 10. We were doing something repetitively. I think I was showing them how some people live. It seemed very important and we were all very much connected and focused.  

I woke up and was very slow to split away from the dream. This is the kind of dream you can easily write down when you first wake up because really you are still living in the dream. The reason you can’t write it down is because you are still living in the dream and very groggy.

I was telling my family at Sunday dinner at my mom’s house how I had this very vivid dream. So vivid that I wonder who is taking car of my two boys? Do they wonder where the f#* their mother went? Really! I can hear them saying, “WTF happened to my mom, she just disappeared!”

That’s how I believe they would have to say it to really get someones attention. The thing is, Juma doesn’t cuss, in front of me at least, so it would go like this, “What happened to my mom, she just disappeared.”  Amazing how the F word just makes everything seem so much more dramatic.

Are there two boys in another dimension still looking for their mother?

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