Saying NO to being a parent

Someone wrote a comment on the Huffinton Post.

“I have never had the desire to be a mother and I do not believe I would be a good mother. Being a good parent takes time and commitment, something I can’t see myself doing. I enjoy doing the things I like to do. That may sound selfish, but I believe everyone should give a great deal of thought to how much you have to give up before deciding on becoming a parent.”


My reply

There are plenty of kids to go around. If you decide not to have them that is great, just as great as deciding to have them.

I have four and don’t regret it but would love it when I found people who had the time to put into my children and give me a break.

 I had a friend who decided not to be a parent. She would pick up my kids and spend a great day with them doing art projects or just going to the beach. They had the best time because they were the center of attention.

It worked out for everyone. I got time to myself, the kids got a break from me along with new energy, my friend got that special feeling you get when you see the world through a childs eye.

Everyone fills up with something positive.

stop! this is not for everyone
STOP! this is not for everyone

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