Pumpkin or Ghost?


Sept 20th. I buy 2 baby pumpkins.

So excited to carve them and set them out for Halloween.

Opps, not Halloween month yet. My bad.

Thats what happens when you live in Florida and the seasons are defined by hot and hotter, Green and Brown-depending on how much rain you get. Watching the weather channel everyday (hurricane season) to hardly ever watching the weather channel.

My mother signed me up for a year of Family Circle magazine.  They have the cutest carved pumpkins on the cover. The cover is often all I ever see. Not my favorite magazine but I must admit to some good tips I found inside.

So I’m at the grocery store and I see these cute little pumpkins and am instantly drawn to them, then I remembered the magazine cover and thought, “This will be something fun to do with the kids.”

The kids got a good laugh at my mistake. Glad to make someone laugh.

The green one is still around but the orange one colapsed after a few days.

Florida maple? This is not a leaf dying but actually a leaf being born. It reminded me of fall so I took its first newborn picture.


My son’s lame attempt at a mouth. We decided it was a scary ghost pumpkin. The powers-to-be can not stop the knife.

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