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Silk Brand Soy Milk not Organic

Dean food company switched there ‘Silk’ soy milk to non-organic soybeans and thought no one would notice. They changed the label recently and said same product, new label. I believed them.

But they lied. They changed the label to Natural from Organic because they had to. They no longer buy organic soy beans. They still charge the same as if it was organic. They didn’t even change the bar code so many grocery store owners still believed it to be organic. 

Labeling deception

Dean Foods is one of the big food giants that serves processed, factory-made foods and beverages to the American people. It’s the parent company of Horizon Organic, the so-called “organic” milk maker that’s been caught up in a web of deception exposed by the Organic Consumers Association (…).

Health Freedom Alliance is my source for this article.

Do you try to buy organic?

If you don’t buy all organic are there a few products you try to make sure they are organic?

 If so then which ones and why?