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Homeschool-Home Sweet Home

My daughter, Raina, wrote this essay for her English paper. I think it was worth posting.

Home Sweet Home

Most children in the United States wake up each morning and hurry to do a routine they have done, what feels like, a billion times before. They get ready for school. There is a growing number of children that are not part of this routine and don’t prescribe to the lifestyle that schools set up. These children are homeschooled. Popular opinion is that conventional schooling is the most effective form of educating children, but the rising opinion, in the present time, is that homeschooling is the best way to educate children.

There are a large number of people who would like to say that conventional schooling is the only way children can effectively become educated. Conventional schooling includes being taught in public, private, or charter schools. The main reason that these people feel that conventional schooling is better is because the children are taught by teachers with a degree and homeschoolers are taught by their parents. The other arguments that they propose is that homeschooled children have low standardized test scores, low college acceptance, and are socially hindered. All of these beliefs are convincing, but they contain errors and can be disproved.

The growing number of people who have found errors in these beliefs have turned to homeschooling and realize that it works out amazingly. Homeschooled children don’t actually suffer with the issues that the people who are pro-conventional believe they do. The main argument for children who are homeschooled is that they have intrinsic motivation to learn and educate themselves in what interest them. They have fewer distractions, above average test scores, high college acceptance, closer family ties, and they are not socially awkward. These children will excel at the career path that they choose because they have had the educational freedom to develop and become skilled at what interests them.

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