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“ZRBTT, oh no, please don’t give me a ZRBTT”

Do you know what a ZRBTT is?
How can you raise a baby without knowing what a ZRBTT is? It should not be allowed.
The Urban Dictionary say’s this, “creating a seal between a human mouth and flesh (commonly the stomach or arm) and then blowing, producing a fart-like sound.”
It goes on to say:

This word was first introduced on “The Cosby Show”, (Season 2, Episode 11) and explicitly spelled out “ZRBTT“. It was also clearly pronounced without the final “r” sound given here. It was spelled repeatedly by several characters. The subtitles as aired on the show spelled it “Zurbitt” when Bill Cosby was pronouncing it as if it were a real word. Part of the joke of this word is that it’s a nonsense spelling without vowels.In the episode, Vanessa was practicing for a spelling test, and Rudy kept interrupting, asking what a series of nonsense letters spelled. The following, including spelling, is taken from the subtitles as transmitted.

Rudy: Vanessa, what does “Q-N-G-H” spell?Vanessa: Nothing. Give me another word.Rudy: What does “Z-R-B-T-T” spell?Vanessa: Nothing!Rudy: How come when you spell it’s a word and when I spell it it’s nothing?Vanessa: Dad, I’m studying very hard for the spelling test, and she keeps asking dumb questions.Cliff: I don’t think anybody asks dumb questions. What’s your problem?Rudy: What does “Z-R-B-T-T” spell?Cliff: “Z-R-B-T-T” spell? Uh… That’s zurbitt. Zurbitt… uh.. You know what I think a zurbitt is? I just remembered. A zurbitt is this:

So when you are yearning to hear a giggle from your little one, try landing a giant ZRBTT on there tiny little bellies.

Facebook Angel

Facebook is as amazing as it can be harmful. A red square with a number pops up on my message box. I open it to reveal a picture taking me back to 1994. I look intently into the eyes of a newborn I am holding; the senders precious bundle I was honored to assist into the world.

I’ve had such a blessed life. Sometimes it all gets away from me. Time has a way of insulating past events with particles of everyday busyness. This insulation is nothing more than a thick layer of dust left hidden someplace I thought no longer existed.  Out of the blue someone wipes away the layers of dust particles revealing something so raw and beautiful that it jerks my body into an outburst of sobbing. Tears flow like a tsunami. Raw emotions release me to a place of humbled existence. My life has been full of some incredible gifts bestowed to me by the lives I have been honored to brush past.

I sob out of enormous gratitude to those who have invited me to enter into their most intimate heartfelt moments of their lives: the births I have witnessed, my children that choose me, the smile from a stranger that dared to share eye contact-opening the window to their heart for even the briefest of moments. I sob for every moment life allows me to bear witness to so many others-youth and adult-who cry out for acceptance and connection. I become reassured as I watch a community also reach out unconditionally and take hold of that hand that is grasping.

I sob in sorrow when love gets taken over by fear. I sob in sorrow when fear gets held captive by hate. I sob once more when hate gets mistaken for strength and power, knowing the only true way to have strength and power is through love.

One moving force, helping me start everyday with my heart open, is to bath myself in the gratitude I have for every humbling moment in life that was graced by love, warmth, touch, song.

At times my heart may seep with burning open wounds made by paper cuts of hate filled words, scornful eyes, seething lies. I lather these open pustules with wild aloe thoughts and turn it toward the sun, allowing healing oxygen to bath my heart that has been left open to the elements, trusting that healing energy has power over the spore laden environment caused by a darkened coffin.

I sob tears of joy for my acceptance of my dark moments and for the strength to walk, sometimes crawl through the darkness, understanding the light is waiting for me, waiting to warm me with its healing rays of strength and joy so that when darkness falls again, which is understood as part of life’s balance, I will once again bath in the darkness, opening my soul to life’s lessons, putting one foot in front of the other trusting it will once again move me to the light. This is the Yin/Yang roller coaster I am humbled to ride.

As for this Facebook moment that drew me to my knees, I give a heartfelt thank-you for the mother whose love for her son and her midwife gave me a roller coaster ride I will gladly stand in line for over and over.


Top 10 Family Vacations in the Caribbean & Mexico

Trip advisor put out an article called

Top 10 Family Vacations in the Caribbean & Mexico

Top on the list is Paradise Island. Here’s what they say:

The main attraction here is the massive Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino. While Atlantis may be best known as an adult playground, it actually boasts an impressive list of kids’ activities. You’ll find waterslides, an amazing aquarium and more pools than you can count. And the kids’ clubs aren’t just glorified (and boring) babysitting—your kids will beg you to go away so they can play with their new friends. Which means this might actually be paradise for parents.

I have to agree that Atlantis is fun and full of eye popping things to look at along with the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

It is a bit on the hyper-stimulating which I like once in awhile.

But if you are looking for an alternative, a healthy vegetarian diet, yoga and meditation for families with children a bit older, maybe 10 and up then I would recommend The Sivananda Yoga Retreat. This retreat is on the same island as Atlantis…Paradise Island. It is on a 5 acre parcel. You can bring a tent and camp or stay in a private cabin. You share the same beach as the vacationers staying at Atlantis but I can guarantee you are paying a lot less to visit that beach.

Enter Yoga Retreat
Enter Yoga Retreat

When you leave the retreat you do not feel like you need another vacation, you are healthier, and more at peace in your heart. This is if your children agree to go and are happy there. If the whole time they whine because they want to go to Atlantis then I would either do a day trip to Atlantis or stay in Atlantis or rethink where you want to go.

Have you ever taken your kids on vacation or a day trip and they are happy all day long, then they get tired and something triggers emotions in them and suddenly they are miserable?

How many times have you taken your children on vacation, spent lots of time planning the trip, lots of money on the trip, only to have your children end up still unhappy?