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Wengenn for Halloween

I love the imagination of this artistic mother living the Creative Life.

Queenie Liao created photos using plain cloths, stuffed animals, and common household materials to create the background setting.

Check out Bored Panda for the rest of the pictures. Definitely not a parenting site, but occasionally some interesting post.

Wengenn in Wonderland
Wengenn in Wonderland

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‘Letting Your Children Grow Up’ Mantra

Blue throat chakra, green heart chakra
Blue throat chakra, green heart chakra

Do six sun salutations to allow your chakras to open.

Close your eyes and cross your arms over your chest and gently hold your throat with both open hands. You are opening your throat chakra and your heart chakra at the same time. You are healing your throat chakra and heart chakra simultaneously.

Repeat these words, letting your own words mix in with the words below. Allow words to flow. Let your own words take over if you want. Trust your instincts and let what needs to be said be said, what needs to be felt to be felt.

Trust !!!

I am trust, I am love, I am perfect vibration, I am whole, I am strong, I am able.

My children are love, My children are perfect vibration, My children are strong, My children are able.

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