Where is your office?

Mother Earth Parenting's office
Mother Earth Parenting’s office

One of my many office’s.

Does anyone else do this? Set up an office in every inch of your living space?

Basic office needs: purse with credit cards to pay bills. Magnifying glasses to see. Bills, and Fresh smoothie made with organic froxen strawberries, bannanas, and sweet cheeries, coconut milk and almond milk. that’s it. Nothing else. Opps, I forgot…computor.

About Jeanie

My name is Jeanie. I have 4 children who have mostly shaped who I am for the past 31 years. I have been and sometimes still am a writer, midwife, childbirth educator, yoga instructor, hooper, house builder, beader/crafter, owner of a children store and reggae store, mother, sister, daughter, and blogger.

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