Captured smiles.

Juma and Raina were subjects of many an artist or photographer.
Juma and Raina were subjects of many an artist or photographer.

Artist and photographers, profesional and amateur alike, enjoyed capturing these adorable faces.  Every time we went to the beach or went to town, tourist would ask if they could take their pictures.
Kimberly Boulon returned to art with a portrait in charcoal of both the kids. She entered it in an art show which proceeded to be her first sold piece.

Kat Sowa did a portrait of Juma at the beach. We visited it in her art show at Mongoose back in the late ’90s.

The above pics were taken by Bob. I can’t remember his last name. It is not Nose or Schlesinger.
Steve Simonsen, famous for his many covers on Caribbean Life magazine, used Raina as a model when she was 4 in a beach and underwater scene that he included in one of his books.

Raina was a model again the same year for LLBean. That was a strange experience.

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