“Breathe your way through birth with yoga”

lovely book
lovely book

If anyone read my last review, this is the book I was looking for when I stumbled on “Skinny Bitch-Bun in the Oven”.

This book is written by a woman from England. I love the use of the word ‘mum’ for mother.

It is the sweetest book to me. I think it is the way she writes and the pictures of these sweet couples and pregnant women. Maybe I am really just getting older and removed enough from the pregnancy years that it all looks sweet to me. I do know for sure that I wish this book were around when I was having babies. It would have been my favorite merely because it is so simple and uncomplicated.

“Breath your way through birth with yoga” is not a Prenatal Yoga book. It is a book about how to incorporate yoga in your birth and how practicing yoga ahead of time can prepare you for a smoother birth.

Here are some of quotes from the book that I found helpful.

“During labour, in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by strangers, you will breathe more rapidly. If you are frightened or in pain, you’re breathing will be shallow. This quickened breathing can cause the stress hormone adrenaline to be produced and make contractions more painful.”

“By slowing down your breathing you are calming your emotions and having a positive physiological effect on your body. Relaxations and centering will subdue levels of adrenaline and promote the production of oxytocin, which is needed for effective contractions.

“An important role of yoga is to keep the birth as relaxed as possible.”

“Yoga is the breath, and it is the breath that you should draw upon when giving birth to your baby. By learning to focus upon your breath, you are enabling yourself to turn inward and go to a place deep inside where you can find comfort and support.”

Do your self some good along with your baby and read this book, more importantly; breathe.

I know that sounded a bit pushy but sometimes we just need that extra push. This is my attempt at a soft gentle push.


2 thoughts on ““Breathe your way through birth with yoga”

  1. Hi. This is Julie Llewellyn Thomas, the author of the book. I just came across this article and wanted to say I am glad you liked the book and thank you for the kind words. Best wishes. Julie x

    1. I am honored that you came across this review. Your book really made a lasting impression and my hope is for every pregnant woman to read it. Thank you for writing it.

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