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Still thinking about the movie “Babies”

Ponijao lives in Namibia with her family, including her parents and eight older brothers and sisters. Ponijao’s family is part of the Himba tribe, and lives in a small village with other families.

Mari lives with her mother and father in Shibuya, a busy metropolitan area within Tokyo, at the center of all of the city’s noise and excitement. Mari is an only child and lives a contemporary urban lifestyle.

Born in Mongolia, Bayarjargal, usually called “Bayar” for short, lives with his mother, father, and older brother Delgerjargal (“Degi”) on their small family farm.

Hattie lives in San Francisco, born to very ecological, “green” parents.  Both of Hattie’s parents are equally involved in her day-to-day life, fixing her meals, taking her to play groups, and spending time with her around the house.

What am I talking about?

Why “Babies” of course.

Breastmilk squirted on the babies face to wash the eyes.
A mother licking the babies face then spiting sharply.
A jacuzzi with mother and baby. Baby is not happy.
A river to play in.
A metal bath tub to sit in while a goat drinks from it.

These are all scenes you get to be a part of for a breif hour and 20 minutes.

Some of you might say yuk or gross. I say you need to see the film to understand how it is not gross. In fact is is very amusing.

For me, I would love it to just keep going and going.  I’m looking foward to the DVD with all the extras.

Here’s my take on the above.

Breastmilk has antibiotic properties that helps get rid of infection and also help prevent infection in the first place.

All animals clean their babies by licking them. It is the most natural thing. It is not uncommon in most cultures for a parent to suck out the mucus from an infants nose and spit it out when they are sick. I have been told this from some people I know that lived in Jamaica and other Islands. I know, Yuk you say. But this is normal for them.

My babies bath tub in St John was a metal tub we bought from the hardware store. You see people wash their laundry in them. The tub would sit on the deck and they would bathe outside in the fresh warm air.

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Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding

I believe in Breastfeeding. I also believe in free will: free will to decide what you want to do. There is a lot of wrong information out there about breastfeeding. Grandmothers, neighbors, friends, and most importantly, your doctor are dishing it out. Yes, your doctor is giving out the wrong info. I am not saying everyone is wrong. I am saying some are and it is up to you to seek the right information from reliable sources. Doctors have very little training in breastfeeding.

La Leache League is the best source.

If you want to Formula Feed after you get correct information, then I respect your decision. But I must say, I have heard the most off-the-wall stories as to why they could not breastfeed.

The most common is, “I pumped and only got a small amount of milk so I started to give them formula and they finally slept thru the night.”

Here’s the truth to this. A pump is very inaccurate in telling you how much milk you make. It can never replicate the suckling of a baby on the breast. Babies nurse as often for comfort as much as for food. Formula is hard to digest making a baby sluggish and more likely to sleep.

So I challenge you to read up.

Look for my post coming out soon about the most common misinformation on breastfeeding out there.

I first posted this in Baby Spot

St John Baby Chickens with their mother

St John baby chicks
free roam
Free Roaming Chickens
mother chick
Mother, trash, babies

Children are fascinated with chickens roaming around everywhere. It’s a special treat when they have new baby chicks to watch also.
Almost everywhere you go, there are baby and mama chicks. There are free roaming chickens everywhere; in town, out country. Unfortunately these chicks ran into trash left out side reckless.
The chickens don’t care, they find food everywhere they go: trash, bugs, seeds.

Got Milk?

A true mother

                                                         Mother Love!

St John, Virgin Islands. This was an ongoing site there; A cow nursing a baby pig. It has been going on for as long as I can remember. Not sure which cow started it or why. It is not all the cows, usually you will just see one cow nursing a pig. These are Moses’ cows who lives in the valley, Cows run free so it is common to have to wait for them to cross the road.

St John Law: No Pig Left Behind

Mothering Instinct

Breastfeeding in Public-are you protected?

I found a very good article at Mothering Magazine called Lactation and the Law by Jake Aryeh Marcus.

She starts out writing, “Most women who breastfeed their children will, at some time or other, find it necessary to nurse their children outside of their homes. For most women who nurse in public places, feeding their children will be no more stressful than nursing at home. Other people often do not notice when someone is breastfeeding near them, and those who do notice are generally indifferent or even supportive. All too often, however, we read stories of women who have been told to use a bathroom to nurse their children, asked to cover themselves and their child with a blanket, or told they must leave a place because they want or need to nurse.”

Then she goes on to inform her readers about how the laws work. She does not give state by state but recommends finding out what your state laws are.

She describes a few cases where women were told to stop nursing or leave; one women and her family were even kicked off a flight by Delta.

She mentions what actions have been taken, from nurse-ins to servers crashing due to amount of e-mails sent.

She urges breastfeeding advocates to write letters, make phone calls, call legislators, seek help from other breastfeeding supporters, hire lawyers, contact the press, or organize nurse-ins.

She ends with “There may be stress and hardship, but there is also community and power, and often, much-needed change”.

To see the entire article, click here.

Breastfeed, It’s the Law!


in Florida!
It’s the law!
We can make breastfeeding the norm again!  

Don’t closet breastfeed, feed your baby ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

By doing so, you are changing the way people view breastfeeding

and you are an encouragement to other women who may become

breastfeeding mothers in the future.

And, most importantly, you are meeting a basic need of your baby.

You are giving your baby the best nutrition and start in life.

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CafeMom, 10 Worst Foods for Kids

While searching at CafeMom, a sort-of-blogging-super-advertised site for moms, I read a post by Misssy2000. She referenced family4life web page that listed the ‘10 Worst Foods for Kids’ (previously in Parents Magazine-May 2001).

I was nonplussed to see all the comments that basically said, “Of course I feed these foods to my kids and so what.”

What is going on here in America-Land of the Free? Yeah, free to clog your kids arteries and set them on their way to early diabetes before he reaches 10.

Here is the list and below are a few comments I highlighted with my response.

1 Chicken Nuggets Any fast food that’s breaded and fried is bursting with fat.  Nuggets and their dipping sauces also have a lot of sodium, which can contribute to high blood pressure in adults.  Don’t let your child’s taste buds get used to salty foods. for children 3 and under.  Serve only occasionally, look for lower-fat brands (try turkey dogs), and cut into very small pieces for young children.

2 Chips Giving your child a handful of chips with lunch on occasion is fine, but keep in mind that potato chips, corn chips, and cheese puffs are mostly fat, sodium, and empty calories.

3 Doughnuts Most are packed with artery-clogging saturated fat and trans-fatty acids.  An average doughnut also has 200 to 300 calories and few other nutrients.

4 French Fries It’s unfortunate that fries are the most popular vegetable dish in the U.S.  Kids love them, but they’re extremely high in fat and have few vitamins.  If your children clamor for them at the drive-through, at least stick with a small portion.

5 Fruit Leather Most rolled-up dried fruit has a dab of fruit, a teeny bit of fiber, few vitamins except those that have been added, and lots of sugar.  Serve fresh fruit instead.

6 Hot Dogs Regular dogs are high in fat (13 or more grams per serving), have lots of sodium along with nitrates,and don’t provide much protein for the calories.  They’re also a choking hazard.

7 Juice-flavored Drinks Most are no more than 10 percent juice; the rest is water and sweeteners. 

8 Prepackaged Lunches Sure, they’re convenient, but they also tend to be high in saturated fat and sodium (more than 1,200 milligrams in some, about half the recommended daily max) and packed with sugary treats.  Most also are nutritionally unbalanced, because they contain no fruits or vegetables.

9 Soda American children drink more soft drinks today than ever.  The average 12-ounce can of soda supplies almost ten teaspoons of sugar, which can contribute to obesity and tooth decay.  Kids who drink soda instead of milk/soy milk are also shortchanging their bones of calcium and other nutrients.

10 Toaster Pastries These contain lots of fat and not much fruit.  Instead, make a piece of raisin toast for your child, and serve it with jam.
Sources:  Mona Sutnick, Ed.D., R.D. a nutrition consultant in Philadelphia; Riva Touger-Decker, Ph.D., R.D., an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, in Newark; Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at Tufts University, in Boston, and coauthor of Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health(Bantam, 1999); Liz Marr, R.D., a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in Boulder, Colorado

This woman gets the award for most sane.

My children don’t eat that stuff in my house as part of their daily diet but I do let them eat that stuff at birthday parties, back yard bbqs and the like. The only thing they do eat on a daily basis from that list is fruit leathers, but I but the Fruitabu (sp?) ones. They are are full serving of 100% organic fruit. My theory is you have to let them eat that junk every now and again as a treat and not make it totally off limits, kinda like me and my monthly pint of Ben and Jerry’s.”

I found these to be the most ridiculous!!

A few mothers that say they don’t fry there chicken nuggets and fries. One mother says she only buys Tyson.

FYI: They come out of the package already fried!

“She will ONLY eat chicken if it’s a nugget. I buy the Tyson 100% white meat ones and stick them in the oven or microwave I don’t fry them. She only has them fried if we eat out….”

Than this mother is just … well you decide.

“Quoting FaerieMommie23:

Yes I give my kids all that crap and I dont care what anybody thinks about it. I’m not going to tell them they cant have certain stuff when other kids can, its not fair to them”

Then there is the older mother who says:

 “I’m just an older mother who remembers being crazy like this neurotic shit. Time waster. My daughter has a body that rivels Giselle Bunchden off of this diet! hahahahhaa!”

Seems her life is a time waster. She gave up and wants us all to join her. Being skinny is not a sign of health.

This next mother thinks her daughter is fine because her doctors said so. Did he exam her intestines and colon, could he see the stress on organs that can hold up for years then tire out completely. He checked the cholesterol on a 5 year old, really!

“so have mine and the Doctor at their last visit said they are very healthy 5 and 7 yr olds.. My 5 yr old has even had his cholesterol checked and its perfect…”

You can survive off this diet but are you being given the best start in life.

Health does not just come from what you eat; your health is also affected by your mind and environment. Obsession of any kind is a disease (dis-ease). Moderation is a good thing but what is your definition of moderation. Once a day, once a week? It is different for everyone.

Misssy2000 gave a good post. Something to think about. Nowhere did she say ‘never eat these’. She was suggesting you avoid them when there are so many other alternatives.

“right now chicken nuggets is the only thing I can get my son to eat. I can’t wait till he tires of them”

I do not understand when a parent says “that is all my child will eat”. Your child will not starve to death if you no longer have any of these unhealthy foods in your house. He may not eat today but he will eat tomorrow or the next day.

·        “Yup!  My boys have had all of those.  Having junk in moderation and combined with a healthy diet and outside exercise isn’t that bad. “

 “Isn’t that bad” Is that what we are willing to settle for? Is this why we became parents?

Which is more filling, a banana or a few cookies? The banana will sustain the body longer and better.

What do you think, is eating “ok sometimes” good enough?

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant- Breastfeeding

“I was going to breastfeed up till delivery but people kept telling me how painful it was.” Amber relayed to the world after it was mentioned that NO ONE in the group breastfeed their babies.

Six mothers and not one baby got their mothers milk. Or did I hear one of the girls say they did it for two weeks and it was so gross and messy and painful. Farrah did it for one week and said, “It was just too much, I just found it tiring.”

Does two weeks count? I think it does. Here is why I think it counts. 

Nature makes a perfect food for babies.

The first three days your body produces colostrum, it is an immunity builder. It is also a laxative to move out the black tar looking substance called meconium. Then in about three days your milk comes in. A mother makes a ton of it and your breast feel like they weigh a ton. This build-up of pressure last 2-3 days. Your body made enough milk in case you have more than one baby. Nature is trying to make sure everyone gets feed. Then over the next few days, your body adjusts to the amount of milk your baby is drinking by slowing down the milk production if needed. 

You just went thru nine months of pregnancy. I believe you can hold through a few more days of discomfort. The benifits to the baby are well worth it.

Some women do experience pain when the baby latches on. You can lesson this discomfort by preparing your nipples ahead of the birth.  Rubbing your nipples with a washcloth while pregnant and trying everyday in the last few months to see if you can squeeze any milk (really colostrum) out may toughen them up so latching on is not so intense.

So for some women there is discomfort and possible pain with breastfeeding during the first month.

 This is no lie.

What I don’t understand is why is that so scary? Every month a women gets her period she has pain or discomfort, you don’t remove your female organs.  If you play soccer and someone hits your shin, it is painful. You still play soccer.

Does anyone tell you the pleasure you will miss if you don’t breastfeed.

  • You are holding your baby close to your heart while they look you straight in the eye.
  • Prolactin is released in your body along with oxytocin, which causes you to relax and gives you an overall feel-good natural hormonal high.  

The one girl mentions the baby’s poop smells horrible so her husband doesn’t change diapers.

Does she know this is due to the formula? I am not saying breast milk poop does not smell but I am saying there is a big difference in smell and consistency between breastfeed babies poop and formula feed poop. BF poop is way less offensive, it looks like cottage cheese mixed with mustard. Formula poop is way more offensive; it is chalky and can even start the cycle of constipation.  

Does anyone go over all this with the girls? Is there any support to breastfeed for the girls from family or any people they are surrounding themselves around?

Even Dr Drew feels breastfeeding is too difficult.

He says to the world, “People have grave misconceptions about breastfeeding. Ebony chimes in, “I breastfeed about two weeks and what gets people about breastfeeding is …{Dr. Drew interrupts with ‘it hurts’}… it hurts, your boobs are so engorged with milk, like you have to constantly pump and you drip, leaking fluids everywhere. It’s horrible.” Dr Drew goes on to say “It’s pretty complicated: breastfeeding (girls shake their heads in agreement), its more than the romanticized notion people have about it.”


These girls are not given any support.

Even when a rare girl feels she would like to breastfeed, she is scared into thinking it will be awful


How did we get to this point?


What is your experience with breastfeeding?

What were the negative things you heard?

What were the positive things you heard?

What is the craziest thing you heard?