I had a children store when I was on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands. We named it Tiny Jewels meaning Precious Little Ones.

In 1990 I started the children’s store and Starbo and I started a Rasta store. My dad did the adult clothing and called it Lazy Lizard.

In 2002 we sold our little island store that was loved by many and it was turned into a store full of real jewels from Bali.

I thought about doing an online store but I prefer to just recommend products like childbirth herbs  along with things I feel every parent should have in their cabinet  like ear oil, sore throat tea, natural salves, etc.

So many years have passes, so many children have grown.

This Gypsy Child blog, now called Mother Earth Parenting,  is a place to pass down what I know to be true and helpful.

Enjoy and please send in your questions. They might save another from worry.

selection of herbs in store
selection of herbs in store

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