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Watsu for Pregnancy

Watsu is a combination of water and shiatsu.

Wikipedia states “Watsu, a portmanteau of water and shiatsu, is a form of body massage performed while lying in warm water (around 35 °C or 95 °F). The receiver of Watsu treatment is continuously supported by the therapist while he or she rocks and gently stretches the body. Because it is performed in the water, the body is free to be manipulated and stretched in ways impossible while on the land.”

Watsu around the World states “Many come out of a Watsu saying they were more relaxed than they have ever been. Some say it was one of the most powerful experiences in their life.”

Beyond Body Work states “Watsu is used frequently, often weekly, during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. No other therapy offers the profound relaxing weightlessness and comfort for both mother and child. The 96 degree water is safe and perfect for the unborn child. Both mother and child experience a new freedom and expansion benefiting both.”

Watch this Youtube video to get a peek. It is a bit of a sales job but a good into.


Life after labor: 16-and-Pregnant Finale Special

check out on MTV

Six couples and a psychologist relating to the world in a one year wrap up session.

That is how MTV’s 16 and Pregnant went in their finale Special.

They take you from:

  • finding out they are pregnant
  • past telling everyone
  • through their changing bodies
  • exit the tunnel of birth
  • throw in a few sleepless baby nights and, wha-la, a TV series that is marketable.

The viewer sees a one-hour program of everything the editor decides you get to see.

This is what is going thru the editors mind.

  1. What will hike ratings?
  2. What will keep you glued to the TV and still be there after the commercial?

What effect does this have on the present generation, along with the next generation watching this (not to mention the future generations watching reruns)?

More than I care to think about.

Here is the link if you want to see it on your computer, www.16andpregnant.mtv.com

“Six teenage girls, six pregnancy’s, six babies brought into the world as you watched from home. What was it like to give birth on MTV? How has life changed since the camera’s stopped rolling? What does the future hold for these young women and their children?” this is what Dr. Drew ask while promising to answer it all in this one-hour program.

Did you watch this?

Did you think all the above questions were answered?

Is it even possible to answer the last question?

Let me know what you think, I will write a follow up on breastfeeding on the next post.