Hitchhiking daughter

This picture is me Preparing for Outward Bound by going on a camping trip for a week in the Smoky Mountains with my good friend Jeff.

Had a discussion tonight at dinner. I wasn’t feeling well, headache for hours,  and mentioned I needed a vacation by myself. Really, I just wanted to go to bed for a few days and have no one bother me.

My son said he didn’t think he would enjoy traveling alone.

I said I loved it and started listing all the times I have done it.

  • Outward Bound for a month in North Carolina
  • Moving to the Virgin Islands with my 16 month old, not knowing anyone when I was 23.
  • Trip on train (Amtrak) for two weeks when I was 24 with two kids at home. (My mom took one and his father took the other)
  • Yoga for a month last year in the Bahama’s

My daughter then chimed in about how paranoid I am with her but yet I did all this stuff when I was young. Like the time I hitchhiked across America with my boyfriend.

I told her she’s right, I would absolutely die if she did the things I did.

Anyone got any stories about the crazy things they did when younger that they would never want their children doing?

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