Paper Heart

Paper Heart started in select movie theaters today. Me and my two teenagers got all excited to see it tonight. I looked it up and could not find it. I googled it and found there home site. They weren’t kidding when they said select. One place in Florida (Miami), and one place in Georgia ( Atlanta).

It starts in Atlanta and Miami August 14th.


We are all psyched up to see it tonight, You know how we Americans are, we want everything yesterday. So how can we wait?

It is supposed to be one of the most endearing movies this year.

Waiting really is not the real problem. Now we have to drive 2 hours to see it. Ugh!

If we want to see it tonight we have to drive to Bethesda, MD or Houston, TX. Those are the closest to Florida.

We use to have a movie theater nearby that played independant films; Bonita Springs Regal. But that closed down two months ago probrably to the fault of the economy.

I think I will let my local theater know I want to see it, what have I to loose. Otherwise, I guess I will wait for the DVD.

Would you drive two hours for a movie?

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