Immunization Exemption in college

This is a post for those of you that do not immunize but want to go to college.

I will point out that anyone can say they have a religious exemption due to the vagueness of the word religion. If it is a belief then it is a religion. If you think immunizations are harmful to your body then this is a belief. It might be backed by medical studies but for every study you read about the negatives effects there are many studies to counter it. It depends on where the money comes from to fund these studies.

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to say do or don’t when it comes to immunizations. It was a difficult decision for me. There is much fear surrounding both sides of the issue.  Read all you can then. I chose not to do most immunizations but that is another post.

All Colleges in the United States have to offer an exemption form of some sort.

This is one for University of Central Florida.

Requests for a religious exemption from immunizations must follow 232.032 of Florida Statues.

You can find below quote here

“By action of the Florida State University System Board of Governors, this recommendation is supported by the policy effective July 1, 2008 that “all NEW matriculating students must provide documentation of vaccinations against meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B or provide a signed waiver for each declined vaccination.”

This is on their UCF Health Services Web Site but you have to search for it. Luckily you can just click here:

If a student has certain medical conditions and/or contradictions to a vaccine, a formal medical exemption letter from a physician must be submitted to the HIM department for review.

A student has the option of declining the vaccines if it is contrary to one’s religious belief. A student must complete the Religious Exemption from Immunization Vaccines form to acknowledge understanding the risk of acquiring the vaccine preventable diseases, and the availability, effectiveness and known contradictions of any required or recommended vaccine. For more information about the religious exemption, please call the HIM department at 407.823.3707.

They also state:

If you have a religious exemption form from the health department or your religious institution please submit that along with our exemption form.

I can no longer find link for actual form but they sent it to me upon phone request. Here is what they wrote with form below.

Attached you will find the UCF Health Center Religious Exemption Form. Please complete this form either here in our office where we can witness your signature, OR submit a notarized form to us via mail.

This is what form looks like

Religious Exemption Form

The University of Central Florida’s Immunization Policy offers this form of Religious Exemption for students choosing to decline immunization based on their religious beliefs and/or practices. Please complete this form prior to Orientation.

I affirm and attest that my personally held religious beliefs and/or practices preclude me from receiving immunization, including the immunization(s) required by Florida Administrative Code 6C-6.001 (5), Florida Statute 1006.69 and the University of Central Florida (UCF) Immunization Policy prior to enrollment in classes and/or residing in on-campus housing.

I have read University of Central Florida Immunization Policy and I understand the risks associated with failing to be immunized, however, I request exemption from these requirements. I also understand that I will be excluded from attending classes or other campus activities on the University of Central Florida campus for the duration of a public health emergency involving a disease that is preventable by one of the required vaccines until such time as is specified by the Orange County Health Department director or the Director of UCF Health Services.

I agree that I shall be solely responsible for any costs associated with my exclusion from classes or university activities.

I will not be offered any other vaccines that are currently available or may become available. Electing to receive other vaccines such as those required for foreign travel or study abroad will negate my religious exemption status.


Have you been told you can’t send your child to college unless they have all their immunizations?

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