Key West in the 80’s

Ag class-High School-1977 and 1978

Mr Scott was my teacher. We had it two periods a day in the greenhouse next to the school. I was the only girl. Boy did I get lots of attention. Not flirty attention. They would not dare. At first it was “Are you kidding me” attention then it turned to “it’s kind of interesting to have the opposite sex really get into growing plants and hanging out with us” type attention. We were buddies and shared a common bond. I loved the way Mr Scott respected all of us. He was a kind man that seemed to care.

I use to tell everyone I was going to travel the country while living in a van. everyone just kind of laughed.

Once I finished two years of college in a technical school for agriculture, I did just that.

I met a guy who fixed up his van into a traveling home, shag carpet and all.

sailing Key West

We would go to Key West every winter and work then travel back up north for the summer.

I loved it.

More on this in future post.

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1 thought on “Key West in the 80’s

  1. when i was little (70’s and 80’s) our family would vacation in the keys every summer. sometimes we would take day trips to Key West. i have been there since, and you would be horrified at what it has become.

    now a popular port of call for cruise ships and home of Fantasy Fest, the world of the chain restaurant has found what used to be a charming Key West. Hard Rock Cafe now sits where i’m sure an old little house or mom & pop business used to be. but the old classic Key West still lives in my memories. *sigh*

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