Life is short, what do you want to do?

Life's tranquil moments
Life's tranquil moments

Life is short. What is it you really want to do well?

Do you want to be know as the one who could bead a mean bracelet, the one who made really cute baby moccasins, or the mom who was devoted to her children to where there was nothing left of her, she was just shadows of her children.

What is it you want?

A fancy house that is super green, the miss yoga model with all the really cool vibes.

What do you want?

What do you want to do with the years left in your life?

I truly enjoy a good card game, joining in on most any drum circle, chanting, talking with my children when I am really focus.

I like to walk in the city and look at the old architecture next to the new. I like seeing the river run back and forth between the streets. There are many things I enjoy.

I like watching old women watch their families. There is a quiet satisfaction I see in their faces.

I feel little pieces of me moving into this wise sage world. Then the rush of hormones will move through me like an inferno out of control. I want to give the flames less and less material to burn.

Dare to close the eyes?
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