Africa Yoga Project

Africa Yoga Project was started by Paige Elenson.

Marie Elena Martinez is a Freelance Travel Writer. She wrote an article for the Huffington Post The Beauty (and Charity) of Travel Coincidence. Here is an excerpt:

The Africa Yoga Project was founded in
2007 by Paige Elenson to target at-risk communities in East Africa and motivate them toward non-violence and empowerment through the transformative powers of yoga. Tapping members of each community to lead their peers in practice, the AYP uses the methods of uber-yogi Baron Baptiste to affect the lives of youth from ages 16-30, usually living on under $2/day. Many are afflicted with AIDS/HIV, and many make their homes on Africa’s streets. Clearly, I wasn’t the only person inspired by the Africa Yoga Project; Yoga for Unity, a documentary on the Africa Yoga Project’s work combating tribalism was already in the works.

AYP teaches yoga to youth in Kenya to help counter tribal violence.

They participated in a Yoga Flash Mob to bring awareness to their cause.

A flash mob is: A large group of people who assemble suddenly at a public place to perform.

Here is their video they made of the Flash Mob they preformed in three locations; LA, London, Nairobi on December 18, 2010.

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