Joyful Yoga Flash Mob-All you need is Love

Joyful Yoga’s very own Emily put together this Flash Mob. She offered many hours of free rehearsal for anyone that wanted to come, experienced Yogi’s or not.

It was my first visit to Joyful Yoga. I think it is one of the best put together yoga studios I have ever seen, not that I have seen hundreds but I have been to a few. The visual is very calming with endless objects to engage in. There are crystal bowls to wonder about, yoga banners to calm, books for sale along with oils, clothing, CD’s, jewelry.

You can rest with a free cup of tea, chat with new and old friends alike, or set up a blanket out on the lawn for a little picnic.

At the few rehearsals I went to there were never more than fifteen people, but she offered a paper that listed the routine exactly as it  needed to be done, even the count. Then there was the YouTube video. That was what locked it in for me. I could practice any time, day or night.

The final day of practice we meet one last time at the Joyful Yoga Studio, before we headed to Coconut Point Mall to preform our Flash Mob Yoga Routine, I was surprised at the amount of people that showed up, over fifty people. We worked out our kinks and off we went.

Walked around coconut like any of the other shoppers. We wanted to blend in, then at exactly 2:30, the music started, “All you need is Love” by the Beatles. Emily and another started, then Emily’s mother Tess and Jayson joined. The first group of 6 then another group of 6 then another group then everyone joined in at various points of the routine.

All went as planned and the crowd surrounding us did not fail us.

Excitement was in the air, cell phones and camera’s were everywhere, as you can see by the video above.

We did our routine and then quietly walked away, as if nothing ever happened.


update as of 2-8-11

Here’s Joyful Yoga’s official version edited by Jayson Caissie

Have you been to a Flash Mob or seen one?

2 thoughts on “Joyful Yoga Flash Mob-All you need is Love

  1. Just wanted to add something I read but did not realize before:
    “The event was staged by Joyful Yoga & Ayurvedic Spa to promote their non profit organization, Joyful Yoga & Friends. This organization was created to bring awareness and funds to the local cause Footsteps to the Future, a program for at-risk teenage girls who are aging out of the foster care system in Southwest Florida.”

  2. Here’s there final edited version,
    it was edited by Jayson Caissie

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