Valentine for everyone

I consider this one big universal affirmation to remind ourselves our intent is to LOVE.

That’s why the whole ‘grab your sweetie and buy them this” doesn’t go well for me, it alienates so many.

But if we focused on sending the love to everyone, even total strangers, then I see it as a great holiday.

Many don’t have a sweetie. They may have many in their lives that they love and that love them back.

So why can’t we put more focus on grabbing someone you know and show them love.

Have commercials of friends bringing dishes of food, gathering together, hugging, each looking into the others eyes and saying “I love You!” Then show them all sharing a potluck together.

Or families with kids all sitting around a table with a giant heart cake and grabbing and raising hands up and shouting “I love you all.”

So let this be a universal holiday of love.

LOVE, LOVE. LOVE~~~ around the earth and back again.

Reach up in the air and catch the universal flow of love today.

It is there for all to grab, pull close to your heart and release back into the flow.


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