Hawkfest Drum Circle

This coming weekend there is a huge drum circle right in my backyard.


The Hawkfest is coming to Bonita Springs, Fl. From US-41, Go East on Terry to Kent Rd. Make a right past the YMCA.

You will see signs on left saying Summerland. This is private land owned by the Kent family.

They graciously open up their arms and land for this event along with many others throughout the year.

Here is a workshop that looks very interesting.

It is on Friday at 4:30pm. Or that is what the schedule says so far.

This could all change so keep an eye out for it.

The festival is $40 for the weekend. Camping is happening too. Go to bottom of this post to see their link.


Sha’abi is a fusion of Middle-Eastern style play and rhythms with a North-African polyrhythmic approach to musical construction. If you’ve ever wished for the opportunity to be able to combine the beautiful voices of the Middle Eastern instruments (Dumbec/Darabukka/Tabla, Bendir, etc.) with the complex orchestration found in African rhythm construction, wish no more! Transcending the “pyramidical” layering more common to Middle Eastern rhythms, Sha’abi offers an endless world of intensely polyrhythmic expression.


What great drum circles do you have in your area and who do you recommend as a teacher?

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1 thought on “Hawkfest Drum Circle

  1. As a follow up: This was an incredibly powerful circle. Huge amounts of energy, fire, dance, hoop, spinners of fire, music and sweat.

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