Guinness World Record Attempt For The Largest Drum Circle

World Wellness EcoFest at Warm Mineral Springs
EVENT DATE/TIME Mar 19, 2011 to Mar 20, 2011 DESCRIPTION
10am-5pm/Sat; 11am-4pm/Sun. 3/19-3/20. Exhibitors, food vendors, entertainers, demonstrations and presentations. At close on Saturday, accompanied by fire dancers and spinners, attendees will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the largest drum circle.
COST $5 parking proceeds benefit a nonprofit organization LOCATION
12200 San Servando Ave
North Port, FL
ADDITIONAL INFO Phone 941-351-3740 
Website  WarmMineralSprings

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1 thought on “Guinness World Record Attempt For The Largest Drum Circle

  1. Now that I have been to this event it makes me want to check out, a bit better, what I post about. I took the web site at it’s word.
    There were no spinners but there were dancers. The eco event was interesting and informative. The drum circle was not organic in nature but more organized as if it were an event on a cruise ship. It was very helpful to first time drummers. It put a drum in the hands of many who might otherwise never of held one. It also made every participant realize they can play a rhythm. It was a rich djembe moment.
    If I had portrayed a night under the moon of with wild magical drummers and dancers, I am sorry. This, it was not.
    But Nokomis circle was 20 minutes away and that, it was.

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