Too much chaos? Maybe not.

I often hear people say they want to go back to the past. That past may be a period in time or a place we lived in.

They say there is too much chaos here or there is too much chaos now.

“I want to go back there to live. It was so much nicer there.” or “I wish I were 25 again, It was the best times.”

They remember the good and believe it was better back there or then.

I want to say to them, “There is always chaos.”

Our memories often eliminate the chaos of the past, leaving gentle memories to stand out the strongest.  Sometimes we cling to these memories, closing our heart to the change that is trying to move one forward, blinding us to the beauty pressing near to us.

Take any moment in any day at any place in the world, pause for a moment and settle in with the breath, allow serenity to enfold you. Open your eyes with a new perspective, see from an open heart, then look for the little details of beauty.

Beauty is there even in the darkest of places.

Peace is there even in the fastest of running.

It’s like the old cliche, “Remember to stop and smell the roses.” You may think there is no way for roses to live in the chaos, but there they are, they were always there. Release the fear and sorrow and the rose appears.


Add your comment and Tell of a time you almost missed the beauty…


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