Beltaine Flame Festival

Time to celebrate the  festival of light and fertility, marked by the beginning of summer. Often observed on the eve of May 1st but we will attend a local South Florida celebration close to home April 14th to the 17th in the year 2011.

Here are the details of the Bonita Springs Beltaine Flame Festival.

“Beltaine Flame” is a Beltaine Celebration being held in Bonita Springs, Fl April 14-17, 2011. This event is being brought to you by the same folks (Glyndwer and Winddanncer) that brought you YuleLikeIt 2010 also held in Bonita Springs, FL

There are two concerts, laser shows, fire performances, dance performances, workshops, A Maypole celebration, vendors and many other activities planned. It is our hope that you come experience the festival and then participate in the drum circle and that you find this to be a much more personal and meaningful experience.

Go to their web site posted above for schedule and more info.

The ritual is being hosted by Wendyl J of Manna Reading Center in Ft.Myers, FL.

Performers include:

  • Nybor & Grandmother Elspeth
  • World Collision
  • Martin Greywolf Murphy
  • Christar Damiano
  • Marguerite Barnett
  • Devonne and Trish
  • Beltaine Flame Dancers

Workshops include:

  • Nybor
  • Grandmother Elspeth
  • Marie Blaze Barnett
  • Bezl LaBonte
  • Devonne LaBonte
  • Trisha Luttrell
  • Skip Kent
  • Kyrja
  • Cadea
  • Ye Ye B
  • Lady Morgaine
  • Greywolf

Vendors include:

  • Nybor’s Art
  • Nature’s Plate – Full Event meal plan $35!
  • Red River Trading
  • Spangy Bling
  • Dragonfly’s Den
  • Mystical Spirits
  • Spidersong Flutes
  • MerenWenTari, Inc
  • Magickal Mayhem
  • Shadowalkers
  • Ye Olde Scale & Measure
  • Mystic Moon Gifts

There will be a Drum/Dance Altar both Friday and Saturday nights.

To see another celebration, click here.

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