Hemp: a fuel for the future?

Hemp…What do you know about it?

Is it a solution to the worlds fuel problems?

Possibly. Definitely worth a bit of thought.

Here’s my thought:

Our aquifers are depleting at a rapid pace, I know…hard to believe with the rivers overflowing in some areas, but we need to think about this when we find a fuel solution for the future.

I know we need fuel but I would like the emphasis to be in using less, slow down the consumerism and figure out how much fuel we need.

The world has slowed down since this out of control growth we had before the financial melt down. Good things did come out of this crisis.

I look at all the empty buildings and think, “oh my” then I remember we needed to stop this out of control concrete/wood takeover.

Think of all the buildings that would of used electricity along with filling them full of a zillion items that took energy to make.

For the sake of being annoying I’ll say it again, Good things did come out of this crisis.

I saw a post on Facebook about Hemp.

Terry Rogers posted:

If anybody is interested I’ve started a group called “Commercial Hemp For Diesel Fuel”..Check us out and join us and together we will break the grip big oil,lumber and pharmaceutical companies have on our lives and the lives of our children!!! This problem isn’t nationwide..its WORLDWIDE!!!

My question was, “How much water does hemp take to grow. Is it as much as corn or wheat or soy or is it more drought resistant?”

The answer I received, “It takes less water, fertilizer, and very few insects mess with it so less or no pesticides! !”

This is a FB post, not a scientific answer that is backed by studies. This is just a FB conversion…or is it?

There are studies out about hemp, many done by the US government who advocated hemp to the point of putting a movie together to let the American public know how important hemp was.

This was before the war on marijuana starting in 1932 and carried out big time after WWII. Lots of cool info out there.

I posted a video about Henry Ford’s automobile that was made of hemp fibers and how hemp can be as strong as steel.

I hope many look further into it. My mind is back on hemp as a solution to a few problems in the world thanks to that FB post.

I love how there are a million healthy solution out there.

The problem I see is, we are all over the place because there are only so many hours in a day and well…”you can’t do everything”.

Problem is, it takes everyone to solve many of these problems.

Henry Fords Hemp car.


Here is some more info. Just click these links.

Click to access FollowTheMoney.pdf

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