Change the negatives into positives

We often hear about all the negatives out in the world, it is slung at us full force, every day, from all directions. Waters toxic, running out, and being controlled by a few. The air we breath is killing us, the trees are being cut reducing the oxygen which increases the carbon. People are hungry with no shelter. The list is long.

The mind becomes too heavy and many can’t function well with all that weight.

This can be depressing if we don’t learn how to change the negatives to positives.

I think every time we list a negative we should balance it with a positive.

Better yet, gravitate to the positive when we can; when we can’t, we can learn how to change the direction we are looking. Instead of watching news day and night, go to a shelter with some fresh baked muffins and feed some hungry people. See the light in their eyes when you share your love.

Get your imaginary roller skates on, have fun and tip the scales to the positive.

Go ahead, go on a wild ride. Open your heart wide while skating in and out, around and over.

You don’t have to fear your heart getting wounded when you learn how to swerve away from the fear. Swerve away from the conditioning of protecting ourselves. Swerve away from the control of how we think things should be. Skate circles around joy.

I know the real world is full of joy and heartache; they both bring lessons of compassion, humbling us to love deeper, or freezing us with fear or worse, hate.

Choose love.  Choose compassion.

Gravitate to it, see fear and hate  for what it is, a human trying to protect themselves in a negative, conditioned way.

Look beyond the fear, let your own wall down.

Let the glow of your courage to love surround you every step you take.

Look in the mirror in the morning and focus on your inner light to give you strength.

Open the fridge and let the light remind you, once again, of your own light. We can never have enough reminders.

Start your car and let the ignition spark your positive vibration.

Guide your steering wheel through the streets, visualize your tires becoming your very own roller skates.

Every time you switch lanes or move away from another vehicle, see yourself moving away from the negative, swerving away from fear.

See the red stop light as an opportunity to stop the negative thoughts, see the root chakra open up, not over reacting, but trusting your fight or flight reflex will keep you safe when you really need it.

See the green light signaling your heart chakra to open a little wider,

Feel free to move through all the chakras.

Play a car game like you did when you were little, this time instead of going through the alphabet, go through the colors of the chakras, clearing them with every rainbow color you see.

Find the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Don’t be afraid to mix them up, trust some colors to come more often then others, signaling the areas that need a little more work.

Look at the blue sky and see your throat open up.

See every red car rooting your self confidence into your psyche.

See the yield sign slow the wheels of anger and victimization, moving forward again with personal power to release, again and again, all negative emotions.

Park your car between parallel lines matching your reality with the reality you dream of.

When you peel an orange, let your creative juices flow with every drop of orange juice.

Crunch into a carrot, chomping out all your sexual frustrations.

Relish the moment of contact with indigo. Next time you visit the office supply store, buy yourself an indigo writing pen. Before you go to bed, write in your journal, allowing your imagination to fuel your dreams.

Take in the blessing of a blue bird perched in a tree.

Grow some lavender in your garden, the violet flowers will stand tall, reaching for the sky and smell heavenly, sending you into higher realms of bliss.

Decorate your crown chakra with violet head phones, hair ties, or hats; get creative, sending messages of understanding and love for all living things on earth.

Take a cold winter day or a misty morning, the white paper in the stack of mail you must read, and the white towel you carry when you are working out, the light bulb glow that lights your room, all wrapping you in the white energy, smoothing out and cleansing your aura.

See the wheels of the chakras flowing freely, balancing your body completely.

Remove old patterns that weigh you down. Let your mind work with you, not against you. It is a bit of work at first, but becomes as effortless like the wheels turning on you skates after you push off. The effort you put forth will reap rewards beyond your imagination.

You help create your world.

We are not sure how many chances we get, give it your best push forward.


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