Abraham Hicks shines a light on what we choose to see

What’s with the lamb doing Sivasana? I will tell you at the end of this post.
I listened to a video by Abraham Hicks. Once again, if you ask for help it is given. I was feeling fearful for my children. I wont tell the story because I don’t want to give energy to it. But things lined up in such a way, giving me an opportunity to respond one way or another. I responded in the fear way.
Not sure why I need to keep going over this lesson but once again it was presented to me. Once again I responded fearfully. The difference, I would have to say, is that I am aware of what choice I am making and I reach out to correct it a lot quicker than I use to. I use the lesson to move myself out of fear and into love.

I decided to listen to this and I am sharing it with you all to see if it gives you any relief like it gave me. I can feel the physical response in my body when fear decides to leave or should I say is forced out. There is a vibration of chaos with fear and a vibration of serenity when it leaves.

“Find vibrational alignment with what you do want, not with what you don’t want.

Some may say by not being informed and therefore in our ignorance, bad things will happen to you.
Actually the opposite is true.
The more you are involved in your own personal lives, the more you are launching your own personal rockets of desires, the more source energy is responding to these personal desires. so the majority of humans and beast upon your planet are living potentially more satisfying lives. while only a small percentage are actually being swept up in those war torn experiences.
And no one is being swept up unless they are a vibrational match to it.”

The lamb represents a time when fear did not exist. When i did hypnotherapy I went back in time to a place where fear had never before existed. What I saw was a lamb speaking to another lamb, (I know, I know). So when I get fearful like when asthma comes on, for me I go back to this lamb and I remember. So I have this adorable little lamb I got from New Zealand. The lamb wanted to do relaxation on my yoga mat so I thought I would share it as a message of releasing the fear. —DON’T WORRY, THE LAMB ONLY TALKS TO ME WHEN I AM MEDITATING. LOL

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