Are Djembes bad for you? No Way!

Have you read the article below. It is worth a read.

Why Djembes Are Bad for You

There are other drums out there—a lot

As anyone who visits my webpages knows, I love drumming. I have played many styles, from samba to taiko, rumba to belly dance. Drums go back into prehistory and are used throughout the world by pretty much all cultures. This is why it is so sad for me when I see the predominance of one type of drum in my community. As you may have guessed, that drum is the djembe. Probably 90% of the drums I see around my area of the world (San Diego County) are djembes. In a world where there are literally thousands of styles of drums with many playing styles and unique and beautiful sounds, the sight (and sound) of 12 out of 14 people at a drum circle paddling away on cloned goblet-shaped tree trunks depresses me. There’s a large, colorful world of drums and percussion all those djembeists are all missing. But such is the nature of fads.

I really appreciate what this writer is saying. I love hearing a variety of drums and shakers. I think everyone should read this article as there is a lot of heart in it. It is always valuable to listen to those that have experience and learn from them. I may not agree with everything in this article but I did get valuable perspective. Thanks Stuart for posting this.
So here’s what I have to say and I hope others will point out there perspectives.
My comment will only focus on this sentence.

“The ring of drummers that night suddenly resembled the worshippers of a cult, eyes staring blankly ahead while their arms pumped up and down, producing an aimless, undulating cacophony.”
I love the way he wrote this, but I just have to say, in my life, right now, I crave that ability to start blankly while repetitively beating the same rhythm over and over, Most the time I am overstimulated. I want moments of empty thought while my body is somewhat in motion. Trans drumming. I love being a blank vessel.

So I lied about my comment only being about one sentence.

“made at the expense of rare African hardwoods, trees sacrificed for a yuppie’s entertainment at a California drum circle”
Is there another wood that isn’t sacrificed when they make the other drums he speaks of?

And to add another lie to my statement about one sentence,

I couldn’t agree more with what he says about helping new drummers at circles.
“rhythm is a pattern of silent moments between sounds, not the sounds themselves. In stead of teaching tone, bass, slap, It would have been more productive for them to practice playing on tempo, blending with the general rhythm, and, most importantly, listening to what’s going on.”

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