My son interned at Real Goods Solar Living

Real Goods Solar Living offers internships to a few students every year. They mostly take college interns. My son Jeremy applied in his senior year of High School and was accepted.

He was attending The Meeting School in Rindge, New Jersey. It is a Quaker boarding school that opened its doors back in 1957 on 130 acres with farm houses the students shared. The Meeting School’s campus is located on the historic Thomas Farm, which includes farmhouses and barns built in 1771, 1839, and about 1850. The Thomas Farm is listed on the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places.

Thomas Farm, Rindge
This property is comprised of 130 acres of woodland, pasture, gardens and orchards. Its buildings include the 1771 Nathaniel Thomas House, a significant example of Georgian style, and the 1839 George Thomas house. Five generations of the Thomas family lived on and farmed the property from 1771 until 1931.

Each house had two people that were considered house parents. They were all responsible for home and farm chores along with all the cooking. They gave no grades at this school, only evaluations. Jeremy had many close bonds with teachers and students alike.

Every student, in their senior year, was required to intern for a month. The student had to arrange it. Jeremy, with the help of the school, arranged everything and got excepted to go live in California at the Solar Living Institute for five weeks, live in a yurt and luckily got to help with the solar array project. Many interns ended up digging trenches and other labor duties.  He learned a lot about sustainable living, he learned a lot about himself.

These pictures are the solar panel system that he helped build. He visited them on his way to his first official job since graduating from college with a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

It has been a long journey from high school and the Real Goods Solar Living Institute to where he is today.

Every journey carries you into your future.


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