Drum Circles unite!

I am a circle lover. I find I will drive hours to go to a drum circle. Every one has it’s own special vibe, it’s own special rhythmical quality. People come to circles to unite as one, one community of drummers, one heartbeat. You get to feel your being as something bigger than just self. You may come and not say a word to others, drum, than leave or you may come and visit with everyone. Which ever way you choose to experience a drum circle, you leave with an expanded sense of self, a knowledge that as humans we can come together and create harmony. It is true that some come with egos that want to stand out and sing a bit louder than others and some come wanting to disappear in the mist of the crowd. But there is balance even in that. When you let go of expectations and flow with what is being created, your experience in a drum circle expands. What draws me to seek out more and more circles is knowing when I go to a circle with my heart open I will blend in and feel many other open hearts. It is that heart connection that humans crave and a circle gives by nature.

One soul sings connecting with…..
the whole. No we are not alone.


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