Drum Freeze at Lakes Park, Florida

Here is the video of the drum freeze/flash mob we did at Lakes Park.

We froze in solidarity with the Glaziers that we want to help stay frozen for the bears and other wildlife that depend on them.
350.org is an organiztion that promotes reduction in carbon footprint. We froze for 35 seconds then made the 0 by sighing the 0 sound. Then we all started to drum again with the sign behind us explaining to all that did not know what was going on.

Jeanie Williamson facilitated this drum circle/flash mob at Lakes Park with support of local drum circles in our area.  Happehatchee Drum Circle, Fort Myers Drum Circle, Vanderbilt Drum Circle were all represented at this circle. We all care about the environment and wanted to do any small part we could to raise the awareness of how what we do effects everything.

Be conscious and have fun.

Dezi Marino, {Videographer, Production Coordinator, Editor} at  Dmfmfilms put this together. I saw him at the event. He was casually taking pictures for himself and I ask him if he could video this. He smiled and said “Yes”. It was very last minute and yet he still was able to capture the circle. This was a very Karma Yoga thing to do. Thank you Dezi.

Videographer | Production Coordinator | Editor

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