Treasure Island: My Sunday Church

D.J. Palumbo wrote this poem four years ago, she is reposting to get people to

sign the petition to save the circle from needing permits. Click here for petition.

I wait all week-long for Sunday, for now I go to my church today.
Wearing whatever I want, my church never discriminates in any way.

I can hardly wait to get there, I’m so excited, my spirit is so lifted.
I get to drum and dance with so many beautiful people who are gifted.
When I arrive hurry, hurry I can’t get out of my car any more faster.
“We are finally here”, I say to Druid my inspiration, and my Pastor

I can hear the drums pounding and the smile forms on my face.
Gather our bags & blankets, to the sand now we race!
The walk seems so long but the anticipation starts to fade!
I have arrived now, we made it, everything’s now okay!

I am greeted at my church with a big smile and a huge hug
this drum circle is my family of all ages, old and young
I look around and see the happiness on everyone’s face.
Here is where I belong, nowhere else but in this higher place.

The drummers are drumming for free, for fun and for love
no donations expected here to get close to the gods above
The sun, the sand, the rhythms of drumming and dance
sends my spirit up higher and now I’m lost in a trance

Hundreds come from everywhere to witness this sight
Treasure Island drum circle is my peace, my love, my light
A circle with no facilitator, no boss, no one is in control
Free to be you, express yourself, free your soul.

Everyone is united, it’s such a beautiful celebration
we celebrate life through drum circle without limitations
we are one in peace, a declaration of expression
some may view it as one big party with other intentions.

My heartaches, internal wounds are bandaged and healed
Any anger that I have bottled up is released and resealed
Dancing in the sand connected to the earth with my feet
My problems are reduced I feel once again complete!

Treasure Island drum circle is my Sunday church
there is no other place I would rather ever be on Earth

1 thought on “Treasure Island: My Sunday Church

  1. awe thank you for posting, It was also the TI circle/ sunset that motivated me to become a belly dancer 🙂

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