Return to the Roots-Keep Culture and Community Alive

Cheri Shanti has a dream. She started Return to the Roots to make that dream come true. Read below to see what she has to say and please visit her fund raising site, GoFundMe,  to help make it all happen.

Cheri Shanti writes:
Thanks for Visiting my Page!  I hope you’ll read on and find inspiration to reach for your own dreams and passions while you’re learning about mine!

If you know me, you know I have an undying passion and devotion to music, culture and community. You probably also know that I love to travel and experience other cultures, in particular to learn their music and spiritual practices.

At 41 years young,  I am finally stepping fully into following some long held dreams that I have been letting simmer on the back burner for too long.

I have had a dream burning inside me for as long as I can remember of traveling the world and documenting and learning about the music, dance and religions of other peoples particularly how they influence society and sustain strong connections for generations.

Over the years, the dream has expanded to a desire to be of service through my passions and to find ways to help others in the process.

If you don’t know me, you can learn a lot about what I’ve been up to for the past 15 years or so through the book I wrote 5 years ago, “Muse Power: How Music Making heals us from Depression and the Symptoms of Modern Culture,” and my website and blogs found at

So.. you ask…what is Return to the Roots™?

Return to the Roots™ is a response to a serious global epidemic that I talk about in Chapter one of Muse Power.  This epidemic is the breakdown of culture and community that is happening globally.

Return to the Roots™ is about finding our way Home again to a way of life that supports us as individuals, creates strong solid communities and sustainable practices that can allow our earth to provide a safe and healthy home for us for generation upon generation.

I believe that by sharing and documenting, thru personal stories, and video, that the value and benefits will speak for themselves.

The ultimate vision is to create a Return to the Roots™ Revolution of sorts that aims to inspire people around the world to stay connected to their roots while carefully and mindfully exploring modern culture’s gifts.  It aims to educate people to consider the options a little more carefully before they open modernity’s Pandora’s Box.

It involves the following:

*Research and Documentation of Intangible Cultures

*Youth & Elder Integrative Approaches and Programs

*Education & Cultural Exchanges

*A Documentary/Blog Series for Sharing and Educational Purposes

*Community Building Efforts & Artists Support Network

Your donations and contributions will go towards the following:

  1. Travel Funds for Research & Documentation
  2. Website Development & Design
  3. A Trailer/promo Video to raise more money and awareness for the project
  4. Finances to hire and pay for a videographer/editor. God knows I need one!
  5. Artist compensations (to support  and pay the artists that help with the project, etc)  in other countries.
  6. Research and Documenting: Camera, Supplies, etc.


THANK YOU for taking time to read this! 

Other Ways you can support:

Please SHARE with others and support the Return to the Roots Revolution!

LIKE our Facebook Page and ask others to LIKE it too!

Get Involved: Return to the Roots™ is a community and welcomes your submissions, stories, videos, and content.  Visit the website for more info:

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