Find Your Mat, Find your Breath™

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Find Your Mat/Find Your Breath~~~
Is about taking five minutes out of your day to find YOU. It is about making your mat your safe space, making it readily available every day and knowing you only need five minutes to achieve finding an inner balance that will carry with you throughout the day, a healing that is uniquely yours if you allow yourself to let go. It is easy to learn and once you do you do not need to rely on any one or any class to do it. It is within you.

I promise you this will be simple.

Lay down, wiggle and breathe.

Be willing to give it five minutes of your day with six simple steps.

I mean, of course there is more to it than that. There is the training your mind to let go part, this is a biggie to understand but not a biggie to accomplish. Training to run a marathon is Big to actually physically do. Lying on a yoga mat does not take endurance but it does take training. The results are Gigantic. I will go out on a limb here and say they are bigger than the results of training for a marathon. Really!

Let me lay it out for you, innuendoes intended. Many people don’t do yoga on a regular basis because they don’t think they can spare the time. I say don’t worry about the time. You are missing big payoffs by thinking a 30 minute or one hour workout is a must. So much happens in the first 5 minutes that you simply must, at the very least, take the time to read this post to understand what it is you might be missing.

Let me describe what I am asking you to do, then we can talk about the benefits. Last we can tell you how to go about making this happen for you. Just remember once you understand all this, it will only take 5 minutes of your day. You decide from the end of that 5 minutes if you want to add anything else to it, but if you don’t then you are still going to gain tremendous positives to your day, to your life.

Step one: Find your Mat. It can be a rug in your house, a yoga mat, a towel or blanket. Doesn’t matter, just decide what you feel comfortable lying on and what is in close reach.
Step two: Lay down and breathe. Make a mental note of where any discomfort is~lower back? ~neck? ~hips? Become aware but don’t judge your breath.
Step three: Adjust your body. This can simply be a wiggle of the legs or arms. You might want to curl up in a tight ball, chin to chest, knees to belly, then let go slowly.
Step four: Change your focus to your breath.  Notice if a few deep breaths are needed. Allow the breath to move into any tension you might detect. Do an exaggerated breath with actual sound, letting all tensions ride the wave of that breath right out of your body. Get to the point where the breath isn’t being forced, it is just happening.
Step five: Allow your busy mind to take a break. Trust that the world will be there; right were you left it, after you get up from your mat.
Step six: Do one or two stretches. You decide. Maybe curl up in the ball again to relieve your lower back some more. Maybe you do some leg lifts. Maybe put the souls of your feet together and your knees wide apart to stretch your inner thigh. Most important is to include the flow of the breath.
Now you choose the next motion. Decide if you roll your knees to one side and move into a sitting position, giving thanks for the five minutes or…maybe…you do another 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Some days this may even go into a full hour. Doesn’t matter. What mattered was finding your mat and finding your breath.

Benefits===Stress reduction. When you eliminate stress from your life you have greater health. Just google what stress does to your body.

How we can do this≈≈≈
Lie on your mat. This is Key.
Laying on your mat allows time for active relaxation. This takes training. Every time you do this it just gets easier till it becomes automatic. Train yourself to relax a number of ways. You can listen to relaxation audio, go to relaxation classes, take a yoga class where the instructor includes this as part of the class, YouTube a relaxation session or listen to one of mine. You will get so good at it that the minute you hit the mat you will relax and let go. It’s called Pavlo’s Dog theory and it is real.

I find, when I lie on the mat, my body slowly adjust itself, almost like 5 or so bungee cords being released one at a time. The body is so connected to the breath. You can easily connect each exhale with each bungee cord releasing. The power of the mind, the power of the breath. Five minute is life changing.

I am including a short video of me talking this thru. I promise to do a better recording in the near future. Perfection is not my goal, stress reduction is, so I trust you will get what you need from the information here now.

Learn at least one or two yoga positions you can do while lying down. Switch things up in your 5 minute session with these. Eventually you can learn more yoga positions also known as asanas. But don’t be shy to make things up. Gentle stretches combined with slow breathing is really yoga. Knowing asanas for the days you want to keep going is helpful.

A yoga mat is very handy so eventually you might want to invest in one. They help your feet not slip for standing poses and they make any floor a lot more comfortable plus its a cleaner space to lie.

Find Your Calm-a guide to just finding mat, breath, you.

Find Your Mat/Find Your Breath/Find You-for you first and formost.

This video was filmed in St John after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. I was de-stressing in the Tiny House we built.


Audi and Video

Join me, I will post a weekly audio or video focused on Find Your Mat/Find Your Breath with occasional bonus audio/video/photos. Renew every 3 months if you want to stay connected. Send just $3.00 total which is $1 per month. This will help me be able to continue creating and spreading the love. Once I get the notice that you joined you will receive a password that will allow you access to all the media. Thank-you, much heart love appreciation. Jeanie/Gypsychant


The sound of water can help some people relax. This is Amalacola Falls in Northern Georgia.


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