Kasiva Mutua: Ted talk

Powerful drummer, Powerful woman. A woman was not in her place when she drummed with the men in many parts of Africa and other societies. This was because a woman was not considered to be a whole. She was a part of a mans world. Not a man. A man was whole. So trying to say woman = man is nonsensical in many societies past and present. The equation might be Man= woman+home+hunting+foraging+children, but certainly not woman = man. This is how a patriarchal society functions or dysfunctions. Just as a matriarch society would function or dysfunction and if you go back into history, it has functioned and fallen apart, the same way the patriarchal society is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Woman and men are desperately trying to save it. Woman and men are also helping to expose it, helping to dismantle it,  hoping to dissolve it. Time will tell on how the chips fall; who survives and who disappears. One thing if for sure, it will not move forward the same.
Kasha Mutua is a big part of the shift. She is very brave, very driven from a little girl, to change the current path. This post is to honor her, to say Thank-You.

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