Find Your Mat, Find You. 

Photo on 2011-10-19 at 10.40

Once you find your mat and you get to the point, pretty quickly, of how good this feels you might find it tempting to slip away from your own bliss and find your inner mind saying something like this,“Oh this is so good! I bet so and so could really get something out of this.” 

Suddenly all you are thinking about is how somebody else could use this when what we really need to be doing is using the mat time to go back to ourselves. 

When we are laying on the mat breathing and thinking of others, we loose out on ourselves. 

Here are a few reasons we do this. 

1..It empowers us to fix others. It is ingrained in many of us that we are better humans when we help others, often blocking the receiving end, always trying to give, even when the receiving is coming from our own selves. 

2..We touch the surface of something, like the game of tag, barely submersing ourselves into something but ready to show it off to the next person. Tag, we got there first, now it’s your turn. 

3..We want to show up but just for a quick minute, not really ready for the hard work of letting go. There is fear in letting go. Fear we will miss something. Fear we will forget something. Fear we wont be able to do something. 

Be aware of this. This is not brought up so you feel bad or guilty about doing this. It is as simple as observing our mind, showing up and then letting go. I will say this often, letting go. I say it because there are so many things we hold onto. So much better to observe them moving through us, not blocking them but simply moving out of there way so this too shall pass. Give thanks for all that passes, see value in it then let it go. 

Remember…It is so important to utilize that time on the mat to connect with you. Find the mat, find you. 


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