Break it down~~tea

I will add a new Category to this blog called Break it down. It will share simple tips to creating less waste.

I have been conscious of my footprint since the early 80’s. I have been labeled “annoying” “freak” “hippie” “weird” and endured “here we go again (as eyes roll)”

Now I am “cool” “woke” “liberal (you know, those annoying people that give a shit about the earth)” and all the above.

It doesn’t matter. I just keep doing my thing hoping it makes a scratch in helping to make all our lives a little better.

So I will BREAK IT DOWN and post things I do and have been doing.

Finally others ‘give a shit’.

Thanks and praises, I am not alone.

fill with water+add tea bag,+let sit a few hrs
Break it Down
Make your own tea≈lighten your earth-print
In the morning, after brewed on counter. R-just made. L-cold, almost gone. No sugar needed because it is not bitter. Cooking causes bitterness.

Today it is tea.
Footprint≈plastic bottle≈transport (fuel+wear on vehicle) to grocery store both you and supplier.
I am a tea freak. Black tea. I do love herbals like lemon grass, peppermint, ginger, but the black is tops for me.
I don’t buy already made brewed tea. I don’t even boil water or sit in the sun, although I could. I reuse a glass bottle from the rare juice I buy. The juice isn’t rare, me buying it is. I put one amazing tea bag in it. Sit on counter overnight and wah-lah…in morning it goes in fridge, cause I like it cold.

I use to put in sun or boil water then brew. So much effort and this actually taste the best.

Hint: Newman’s Own Organics is best Black Tea I have found. Cost me 3¢ per bag.

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