The Water Remembers

the water remembers
The water remembers

There is something so vital, so alive about a large body of water. It sings a song. It speaks to you in sound, smell, visual. The earthy, almost wormy smell reminds me of my youth. Lazy days gone by when the family would come together in a cabin by a lake to fish and chase firefly’s. Green beens and potatoes, popcorn and marshmallows, salty fried fish and bacon all come to mind. Screen doors and bug spray, bathing suits and row boats, new friends and gulf carts.
Today I let the hours go by till the sky turns yellow, then pink laying next to dark blue that burns up in a red glow as the birds chirp while they fly across the rippled lake.
I am alone; no family, no bathing suit, no salty fish. A Starbucks cold press coffee and the remainder of my late morning bacon and egg muffin will have to suffice.
There is no sorrow for the past. There is a peace, knowing the water safe keeps all these memories. A calm in the breeze that caresses me in all that I am and all that I have been.
The water remembers.

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