Notes from Tony Robbins Documentary

Tony Robbins made a Netflix documentary of his programs. These are my notes.

Objection breeds obsession

Claim the Fuck you

Reclaim the vulnerability of it.

As much as you’ve hated him, he’s hated himself more.

Blame him for the greatest source of love you know. If you are going to blame them for everything they fucked up then blame them for the good too.

The biggest problems everyone in room has is they think they should have them (problems). Problems are what make us grow. Problems are what sculpt our soul. Problems are what make us more.

Game over if we would just realize…Life is always happening for us, not to us. Game over…All the pain and suffering is over.

Starbo is my gift. He played the role he was meant to play.

We present ourself with low level stuff, so we don’t deal with the bigger problems.

The stacking of that, the friction of that as life years add up, is just too much.

Most of us are unaware of the patterns that control us.

You need to know what do you really want in life. What do you need. What are the triggers that make you crazy. Are they worth letting go of. It’s deciding if you’re going to sculpt yourself like muscles to what your capable of being as opposed to whatever life and circumstance decide to give you.

We all get what we tolerate. We need to decide we aren’t going to tolerate anything less that desired.

Stay in your head and your dead.

No breakthroughs.

Enhance it or transform it.

Write down you ?

Questions control what you focus on.

What you focus on is what you feel. What you feel is your experiences of life.

Write down your mission statement. One core sentence. That is designed to be a trigger for all that you are. One phrase. Gonna be what you are here to experience and what your here to give. What your here to be and what your here to do.

Poster with distinctions. Mission statement on top. New primary question. New Goals.
Relationship on bottom right corner`.

Decision you make. Why you are here. What are you made of. What are you going to give, what are you going to become, to feel.

Now is the time to step up.

A new Birthday. Birth you created

Birth of new values new life and new direction.

Step up and make it happen now.

Life is growth. Movement. Set at same table too long you get bored.

Progress equals happiness. If you are growing at anything; relationships, financially, emotionally, your body, spiritually. Meant to grow so you can give. You can’t give something you don’t have.

What is an extraordinary life for you. Life on your terms. A dream. Don’t settle.

Growth. So many paths. Try something new. See humanity thru different eyes. See yourself thru different eyes. A level of energy comes. Take that and rip your life open.

Were meant to grow so we have something to give.

Grace changed his life. He didn’t create that. Connection to divine. It’s more than you. That’s important.

I can start

A chain reaction of Transformation. Each one teach one.

That is what makes all the difference.

Something bigger.

What makes them fulfilled. What makes them alive. What makes them hungry. What makes them change.

What makes lasting change in minutes. What makes that possible. Is it really real.

Can I taste it and feel it myself.

Take your greatest gift home. The strength in our hearts.

A journey into ourselves. Discover new friends, feelings, new you.

We came to feel. Like a concert, Magic, a transformation. We brought our Desire, hunger, love, caring. We left our fears, our limitations, our frustrations and our past behind. Our hunger,

A blind date with destiny.

Make our life a masterpiece

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