Who Am I?

My name is Jeanie and I go by Doyenne in my post. I have been and sometimes still am a drummer, life coach, midwife, childbirth educator, yoga instructor, tiny house builder, owner of a children store and reggae store, mother, sister, daughter, lover and blogger. All of this does not define who I am; it just describes where I’ve been.

Drumming class

Why name the blog Finding Doyenne?

A woman who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular profession or subject is called a Doyenne or dwä-ˈyen. I have lived a full and varied life. Sometimes when I am telling stories to people I just meet I feel they might just think I am telling some tall tales because there is so much to tell, so many places I have been. I recently let my hair go natural which is a silver streaked white hair doyenne. I love it! Wanting to let go of the need for others to assist me with my connection to my hair, cut and color, I stopped coloring and started chopping it myself with a mirror wedged in a variety of strange places to see what I am cutting; ladders wedged with hairbrushes, tree knots, plastic pallets, porch chairs. I would let others cut my hair, people who have never cut anyones hair; my daughters long ago boyfriend, my sisters daughters husband, my daughter, my son, my then partner who has cut a lot of Afro curly hair, never straight. It was freeing and part of my transition into a wise sage or what I like to cal a dwä-ˈyen. We need to recognize and appreciate our sages and learn the value they have in society. A value that I feel is strongly missing.

This blog was called Gypsy Chant due to fact I love to chant and journey in many places but I changed it when I learned the hurtful meaning behind the work Gypsy. It was a derogatory work used at the Romani people. I am leaving my explanation of why Chant and Travel is part of my life.
I love to chant and do so as often as possible; in my car with a CD, at the Bahamas in a temple, in St John under the stars, with my drum circle family.

I love the traveling life and in the past lived it to the fullest. I took a break when my second child turned four. We settled down on the island of St John in the Virgin Islands from the 80’s to 2005. Raised a family that expanded to seven every summer and shrank to four during the school year. Made it back to the states (Florida) for about ten years and moved four times but still remained fairly rooted. After all the chickens had flown the coop, in 2015 we sold our home and choose the home-free lifestyle for about a year then settled back part-time in St John and part-time in Florida with a lot more open spaces to travel.

One thing Starbo and I have noticed that has changed for us as we enter our late 50’s, early 60’s; it is nice to have our own space, it doesn’t matter if that space has wheels, canvas walls or solid walls, as long as it is our designated space. Starbo likes it when that space does not move, I love it when it shifts often. So this will be the challenge. I see it as a fun challenge.

I am leaving this last paragraph in italics because the challenge did not stay fun. We split up in January 2019. My desire to move and his determination to stay in one place put Starbo back in St John full time. Somehow I missed the signs he was staying put and moving on. I do think it helpful if he has spoken the truth and told me he was seeing other people but like this picture, I adored him in a blinded trusting way, a trust that was never earned yet I was always leaning into the hope of it. I am grateful that he found a way to follow his heart and now hopeful I will do the same.

Having a laugh at our community table
Letting go
Juma and I create this logo 2012 when we had a drum store


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