Playing the Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo (also spelled didgeridu) is a hollow tube-shaped wind instrument. The indigenous Australians developed it 1,500 years ago. It is thought to be one of the oldest instruments played by humans.
Originally played for Australian Aboriginal dances and ceremonies, now it has become Westernized and played by many around the world.

Here is a site that helps learn how to do circular breathing. The Didgeridoostore sells didges and Happe drums which is very close to a Hang drum.

If you want to buy a didgeridoo or learn how to play one I recommend getting it from the source, Australia. Here is a company I like.  Didgeridoo’s Down Under   They also have instructions to play.

Yes we sell didgeridoo’s and nice ones.

I don’t want you feeling boxed in. If you want a Didge a bit quicker then come to our booth at The Green Farmers Market at the Alliance of the Arts. We sell bamboo and fiberglass didges. You can also order one off our Store on this website. They range from $39 to $49.
Xavier Rudd plays it along with Andy Graham.
My favorite is Jono Callow.

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