Forever In You

Written by: Chandika

Heart breaking.          Soul shaking.

No one needs to care,

Only MY heart is bare.

I dream you many nights, too many nights.

I dream you are right there.

I feel you.

I feel the depths of you, the intense love from you.

I reach for you. I wrap my arms around you.

I breathe you in.

We touch, we embrace.

I weave my soul into yours.

I do not wonder if you love me. I know

Through out the ages

Through out the life’s,

We have loved.

I reach out once more to embrace you

To never let go.

But you are not near.

I can glimpse you but I cannot touch you.

I feel your presence but can no longer hold you.

You slip farther and farther from me.

No longer can I see you.

You are all I think of.

My senses long for you,             they long for the touch of you.

“I am enough” is not a phrase I want to sing

I wake up

I remember every longing, every ache.

I know you are near,

I want to fall back into sleep to find you.

I lay there begging sleep to carry me back to you

A tear forms but can not fall.

I cannot fall back into you

I am paralyzed

Surely I am paralyzed in a life that cannot find you

I want to get lost in a long savory dream with you




The savory sweet is slowly turning bitter

You are like an addiction I never want to give up

I tremor for you unbeknown to any

I fall asleep like a drug addict waiting for the next fix


I am lost

Forever wanting you




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