Hope Wins


This Poem was written as I watched my mother almost die from Guillain Barre Syndrome

Let go and sleep……………………………………………It’s ok to let go!!!!!!!!!!!

I close

My eyes in hopes she will finally close hers.

I relax

My body in hopes she will finally relax hers.

She releases a bit.                                      Her eyes close a bit.

Her breath gets heavier. A slight snore falls upon her.

A sweet release lets the snore escape.

The snore is sweet for only a swift moment: for one reaction causes the next.

The harsh sound of the snore wakes her

The sudden sense of false reality causes fear

The fear causes tension

The tension intensifies the pain

The intense pain causes more pain.

The breath is brought in, brought in as the only hope for a next release, a next letting go,

I center my eyes on hers.

I motion her to breath *****************  as I release………the tension in my body hoping to signal her to release…………..the tension in her body

The in-sync works. The symphony begins.

The moments of harmony are swift

Like a tsunami they are ripped viciously from us.

We do not give up hope.

We return to the breath.

Hope is stronger than fear.

No matter how strong fear attacks

Hope wins

This Time

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