Poetry movie review-Howl

Howl: a movie about Allen Ginsberg (never knew who he was past saying, “I’ve heard that name.”)

Netflix’s description:

James Franco steps into the shoes of famed Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in this star-studded biopic centered around Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” — and the widely publicized obscenity trial that followed its publication in 1957. Documentarians Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (The Times of Harvey Milk) direct, with an A-list ensemble cast that includes Jon Hamm, David Strathairn, Jeff Daniels and Mary-Louise Parker.

My Description:

I want to own Howl.

It grabbed ahold of me and found a piece of me I didn’t even know was missing.

I started watching Howl late at night and thought, “this is sooooo boring. I can’t even finish half of this movie.” I took it out of the player and tossed it into the envelope ready to ship back. I had missed the mail that day but still walked all the way to mail box and opened it. I stood there for a moment and decided there was something about this movie, I didn’t know what but I decided that if I had time I would give it another chance. It sat on my dryer for two days till I finally decided, in the middle of the day, to watch it.

I was wide awake.

I really had to work, at first, to pay attention. The words of the poems were a bit over whelming. I am not sure where the movie gripped me, it could be from how much James Franco transformed-not in way I found attractive like usual with Franco, but my mind started jumping. I was electrified with so many possibilities. I could suddenly see all the possibilities in front of me that I had dismissed as just being crazy. This movie made me realize how I had boxed in so much creativity. I boxed it in and nailed the lid shut, mistaking the creativity for mere crazed junk.

The hours in the day evaporate faster than I can breathe in, all in anticipation of shaking  loose the nails to my creativity.

Now that sounds crazy.   ; )

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