Ram Das-Cut through the Paranoia

“The essence of the relationship between people is not conceptual. When you are in your mind, you think about people. They are objects to be thought about. They are them or him or her. No matter how close you get to such a person through your mind, they are always one thought away. You hold them physically tighter and tighter. And you say more and more words, but you always feel one thought away.
It is only when you quiet the mind and come into the intuitive heart that you begin to be in the space of love with another person. There is no me or her or him. There is just the space of presence or love. That quality of connection with another being in that way that cuts through all of the paranoia that exists between people.”

– Ram Dass

“If the mind thinks, ‘I am aware’ that is recognized as just another thought,
a part of the show passing by.
It’s not awareness itself.
Thoughts are going by like a river and awareness simply is.
When you become just awareness, there is no more ‘you’ being aware.
By letting go of even the thought ‘I,’ what is left?
There is nowhere to stand and no one to stand there.  No separation anywhere.  Pure awareness.
Neither this, nor that.
Just clarity and being.”

– Ram Dass

“I realize that if the jig is up
and we are in the Kali Yuga
and this is all going under,
the best way I can prepare for what’s coming
is to quiet my mind, connect to the awareness, and open my heart.
In the meantime, do what I can to relieve a little suffering.
If I know what is about to happen
is the New Age is just dawning
and I’m going to be one of the carriers of the light of the new age,
the best thing I can do
is quiet my mind, connect to the awareness, and open my heart.
So it doesn’t make any difference to me whether it is Armageddon
or the New Age.
I act as if I am part of something that is growing.
Whether I am or not is beyond me.
I’m not privy to that wisdom of the universe.
And I don’t really care.
I enjoy the mystery.”

– Ram Dass


Meditation-Ram Das

“First you pick one object to use to concentrate the mind
to show you how attached you are to all the rest of the objects.
You draw yourself into that one object.
Then through mindfulness you let go of that object as well.
Then you are just resting in awareness.
It’s like resting in the flashlight instead of what the flashlight is shining upon.
It’s resting in your flashlightness.”

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